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Track #1 - Data 101: November 24, 2020

Session #1 – Big Data and Analytics: 10:00 AM
Nathanael Rhizayuwardi A.
Senior Windows System Administrator
Introduction to Big Data:
What and Why We Need It
Data has been continuously circulating in our digital lives, but how important is it actually? What can data do?

Nathanael’s fascination towards all-things related to IT world has made him becomes an exploratory IT learner. With his 8 years of work experience and expertise in Microsoft technologies, he knows the “how” to execute various IT projects properly like the back of his hand.

Data Analytics Market:
Trends and Demands
What can we analyze and understand about data? How will the market, trends and demands be in the near future?

As one of the first initiators and co-founder of DQLab, Victor has a huge contribution to improve the skill sets of Indonesia’s data science talents. Through modern, tech-based community learning, Victor and his team are creating a data learning environment by the industry, for the industry.

Victor Gunawan
Session #2 – Data Science: 01:30 PM
Benni Adham
Chief Executive Officer
Unveiling Data Science:
Why It Matters in the Digital Era
Data science has become one among the new big things in IT world. However, what makes it really matter?

With a noble vision to raise awareness about big data in Indonesia and market his self-invented Parallel Query System, Benni created a company focusing on big data, Paques. His invention is trusted by many, such as Telkom Indonesia, Bursa Efek Indonesia, Bank Mandiri, and so on.

Insights from Unicorn:
Understanding the Power of Data Science
Do unicorns have certain strategies to treat data correctly? How important is understanding data for a unicorn?

Leo leads the data science team in Bukalapak’s O2O tribe, dealing with analytics and insight generation. Previously, he led a similar team in growth tribe, dealing with digital marketing, gamification and subsidies. Using causal inference for better decision making is his cup of tea.

Leonardo Hartono
Data Manager

Track #2 - Communitech: November 25, 2020

Session #1 – Network Connectivity: 10:00 AM
Rudy Setiawan
Chief Executive Officer
The Importance of Network
Connectivity in Times of Pandemic
With the limitations during the surreal times, how critical is network connectivity in ensuring that everything runs properly?

Being the most technically capable among Wowrack management team, Rudy has been enthusiastically following IT for business’ progression, including its innovations and fresh ideas, for decades. Rudy understands well how technology plays an essential role now, in times of pandemic.

Indonesia’s Internet Usage
after Pandemic: A Prediction
We can agree that we use more internet during this hard time. However, what lies ahead of our internet consumption after the pandemic is over?

As the Coordinator of IT Creativity Empowerment at Kemkominfo, Sonny monitors the dynamics of ICT as well as its usage and innovations in Indonesia. Thus, regarding how the internet usage will prospectively be after the pandemic, no one can give better insights other than the government itself.

Sonny Hendra Sudaryana, ST, M.MT
Coordinator of IT Creativity Empowerment
Kemkominfo Jawa Timur
Session #2 – Startup & Community: 01:30 PM
Natali Ardianto
Lifepack &
Harnessing the Power of B2B Community
The significance of a community within a B2B company is indubitable. The next thing is, how can we optimize its potential?

Proven by notable awards such as Prestige 40 under 40 Nation’s Most Inspiring Young Personalities, Natali has successfully co-founded startups such as Lifepack, Jovee, and In understanding the power of B2B Community, he is no doubt among those who know better.

Startup Growth: Dynamics and Trends
Startups have been experiencing lots of ups and downs during the pandemic. Accordingly, how does one sustain a startup amidst all the difficulties?

With years of experience in business management of various corporates such as Grab, ACA, ADIRA, and Danamon, Irvan is well-equipped with the knowledge to manage and develop business effectively. Currently, he becomes Grab’s Head of Business Development for East Java.

Irvan Prasetyo
Business Development Head – Jawa Timur
Grab Indonesia

Track #3 – Innovenue: November 26, 2020

Session #1 – DevOps & Machine Learning: 10:00 AM
Petra Novandi Barus
Senior Developer Advocate
Amazon Web Services
Onwards Agile Development with CI/CD
With the limitations during the surreal times, how critical is network connectivity in ensuring that everything runs properly?

Petra Novandi Barus is passionate in helping startups and developers in Indonesia by advocating and mentoring IT engineers and startups founders. Prior to AWS, Petra co-founded and became Country CTO at Indonesia.

Deploying AI and Machine
Learning for Business
With the rapid development of AI, as well as machine learning, in the world, how can industries gain benefits from it?

Aditya is a seasoned data analytics expert at Google and, formerly, IBM. He is a tech enthusiast with a firm belief that ICT is capable of helping any fields by understanding available data and turning them into insights for more effective, accurate, and agile development.

Aditya Gandakusuma
Data Analytics Specialist
Session #2 – Cloud Infrastructure & Cybersecurity: 01:30 PM
Erward Osckar
Chief Executive Officer
Why Cloud Infrastructure Will
be More Important than Ever
Cloud technology has been around for quite some time, yet its most critical moment arguably just starts recently. Why so?

Ed has become part of IT business for more than two decades. As the co-founder and CEO of Wowrack, Ed has been working closely with businesses of all sizes and, thus, understands well how rapid technology advancement can help businesses achieve a greater good.

Future Cybersecurity:
Opportunities and Challenges
Security has always been an integral part of everything. How does the latest tech in cybersecurity cater to the needs of security in the digital world?

Having over than 20 years of experience in Cloud and Digital Transformation Space, Neil excels at maintaining sustained growth across regional cloud partners. Prior to Acronis, Neil dedicated himself to Parallels and Odin, building partnerships with largest hosters in Australia and New Zealand.

Neil Morarji
General Manager – APAC